More questionnaire-madness: Mark Morouse

Your favourite colour?                                                                                                Blue

Your favourite meal?                                                                                                      Mexican Food! – Quesadilla, Chimichanga… (Rhymes with „Zanga“!)  😉

Your favourite animal?                                                                                        Although I don’t own one at the moment, I love dogs – the bigger, the better!

Your favourite sport?                                                                                                    Golf

Your favourite TV-show?                                                                                                    Tatort; Sport Broadcasts

Your favourite author (prose)?                                                                             Harlan Coben, John Grisham

Your favourite piece of art?                                                                                         Too many to name!

Your favourite lyricist?                                                                                          Goethe, Schiller

Your favourite person in History?                                                                               No ranking possible!

Your favourite character on the opera-stage?                                             Whichever I happen to be playing at the moment.

Your favourite  composer?                                                                                        Also too many – depends on the genre. Opera: Puccini, Wagner

Your favourite aria?                                                                                                   Jago’s „Credo“, Wotan’s „Abschied“

Your favourite piece of music?                                                                            Impossible – the list is too long!

Your chief characteristic?                                                                                         Open, honest, affectionate

Your motto?                                                                                                                  „Do unto others…“

Your main fault?                                                                                                                  Self-criticism, procrastination

What is your present state of mind.                                                                            Irritation (at filling out this questionnaire rather than doing the things I should be doing!, see above!)

How do you want to die?                                                                                             Old and Healthy!

Your idea of misery                                                                                                         I’d rather not think about that

Your idea of happiness?                                                                                       Making my family happy

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