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Sport-metaphors & Don Jose in Reading

Graham Clark about his singing teacherBruce Boyce.



Dream No. III (27th of February)

A rehearsal… but not in our normal room (Probebühne 1) . A room, where there  is just a wall and some doors. I want Graham Clark closer at one door, but then I see, that in the wall and on the floor, there are hundreds of pins and needles. One needle is preposterous large, like Baseball-bat. In my dream I remember thinking: „The needle is so big. It must be dream-symbol for something“. But it was hard to walk, because of all the needles. I thought hard, how to go on with my rehearsal in this hostile enviroment when Graham came and said: „Let’s move a little bit over. Here’re no needles at all“, showing me a place at the wall which was perfectly nice and clean.

And then i woke up…

Graham Clark interview pt.1

One of the fun aspects of this production that we have in this opera, where the music sounds sometimes like an mildly ironic echo to Wagners music and methods, we are working with two bayreuth veterans: Endrik Wottrich as Rustan and Graham Clark as the old man. Graham is a great inspiration and I made yesterday a interview uisng my smartphone. Here’s the 1st part:

THE INNER FEELING: Why is Graham in „the business“?

What if…

TRaum Skizze Bett     (Bühnenbildskizze von Hank Irwin Kittel)

What if you slept

And what if

In your sleep

You dreamed

And what if

In your dream

You went to heaven

And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower

And what if

When you awoke

You had that flower in you hand

Ah, what then?

(perhaps Samuel Taylor Coleridge)