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More questionnaire-madness: Mark Morouse

Your favourite colour?                                                                                                Blue

Your favourite meal?                                                                                                      Mexican Food! – Quesadilla, Chimichanga… (Rhymes with „Zanga“!)  😉

Your favourite animal?                                                                                        Although I don’t own one at the moment, I love dogs – the bigger, the better!

Your favourite sport?                                                                                                    Golf

Your favourite TV-show?                                                                                                    Tatort; Sport Broadcasts

Your favourite author (prose)?                                                                             Harlan Coben, John Grisham

Your favourite piece of art?                                                                                         Too many to name!

Your favourite lyricist?                                                                                          Goethe, Schiller

Your favourite person in History?                                                                               No ranking possible!

Your favourite character on the opera-stage?                                             Whichever I happen to be playing at the moment.

Your favourite  composer?                                                                                        Also too many – depends on the genre. Opera: Puccini, Wagner

Your favourite aria?                                                                                                   Jago’s „Credo“, Wotan’s „Abschied“

Your favourite piece of music?                                                                            Impossible – the list is too long!

Your chief characteristic?                                                                                         Open, honest, affectionate

Your motto?                                                                                                                  „Do unto others…“

Your main fault?                                                                                                                  Self-criticism, procrastination

What is your present state of mind.                                                                            Irritation (at filling out this questionnaire rather than doing the things I should be doing!, see above!)

How do you want to die?                                                                                             Old and Healthy!

Your idea of misery                                                                                                         I’d rather not think about that

Your idea of happiness?                                                                                       Making my family happy

The painful questionnaire pt.2 : Graham Clark


Your favourite colour?                                                                                                     The blue of the sky.

Your favourite meal?                                                                      
A fresh poached salmon and a crisp salad.

Your favourite animal?                                              
A Welsh Border Collie dog, that most loyal, intelligent and hard working companion.

Your favourite sport?                                                                                               Rugby, the ultimate team game.

Your favourite plant?                                                  
The whitest snowdrop, the brightest yellow daffodil and the deepest red rose.

Your favourite TV-show?                                
Period drama.

Your favourite TV commercial?                                
The wizardry of graphics.

Your favourite author (prose)?                                
Charles Dickens who bravely and brilliantly highlighted the utter misery of English Victorian Society and created some of the most memorable characters in literature.

Your favourite piece of art?                                                                            Constable’s The Hay Wain. A lost time of English country life.

Your favourite lyricist?                                                                                           Wagner, for all his extraordinary idiosyncrasies, takes some beating.

Your favourite persons in History?                                                                     Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, Emily Pankhurst, William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, etc, etc, etc and all who directly improved our lives – not forgetting my father, too!

Your favourite character on the opera-stage?                                                  Rodolfo, that carefree, happy and ultimately tragic male chauvinist.

Your favourite opera composer?                                
Wagner. Who else? Hotly pursued by Puccini and Verdi.

Your favourite aria?                                
„Que gelida manina“ to sing when I was young and tall.                                
„Zwangvolle Plage!“ which is now so appropriate.                                            „Dove sono“ to hear.

Your favourite piece of music?                                
The Overture and Act two of Tristan und Isolde.

If your life would be an opera, which composer would you wish for the future?                                
Beethoven. Life is changed forever after listening to his symphonies in order.

Your chief characteristic?                                
An honest reply would tempt fate and folly.

Your motto?                                 
None – I couldn’t live up to a single declaration.

Your main fault?                                 
So many, hopefully colourful.

What is your present state of mind?                                 
Mightily relieved I have got this far. Onwards!

How do you want to die?                                 
Peacefully, painlessly and quietly with my dear wife beside me.

Your idea of misery.                                
Loneliness and sadness and hunger.

Your idea of happiness?                                 
Sunshine and laughing children, especially my grandchildren.

Endrik Wottrich beantwortet nervige Fragen

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© 2014 Sandra Ratkovic

Deine Lieblingsfarbe?                                                                                                Blau und grün

Dein Lieblingsessen?                                                                                       Kartoffeln mit Butter

Dein Lieblingstier?                                                                                                             Alle

Dein Lieblingssport?                                                                                        Gewichtheben

Deine Lieblingspflanze?                                                                                          Buche

Deine Lieblings TV Serie?                                                                                  X-Files,    6 Feet Under,    Medium

Deine Lieblings-TV-Werbung?                                                                                 Keine

Dein Lieblingsschriftsteller/Prosa?                                                                      Goethe

Dein Lieblingsgemälde?                                                                                        Caspar David Friedrichs Gemälde

Dein Lieblingslyriker?                                                                                            Goethe

Deine Lieblingsgestalt in der Geschichte?                                                               Franz von Assisi

Deine Lieblingsgestalt auf der Opernbühne?                                                         Lohengrin

Dein Lieblingsopernkomponist?                                                                         Richard Wagner

Deine Lieblingsarie?                                                                                                          Arie des Sängers aus Rosenkavalier

Dein Lieblingsmusikstück?                                                                                              Tristan

Wenn dein Leben  eine Oper wäre, welchen Komponisten würdest du dir für die Zukunft wünschen?                                                                                        Richard Wagner

Dein Hauptcharakterzug?                                                                         Unerträgliche Eloquenz

Dein Motto?                                                                                                                          Fairness

Dein größter Fehler?                                                                                                      Ich verrate zuviel, was ich denke

Deine gegenwärtige Geistesverfassung?                                                           Ruinös, entsprechend Herrn Rustans

Wie möchtest Du gern sterben?                                                                                    In den Armen meiner Liebe

Was ist für Dich das größte Unglück?                                                                        Das habe ich hinter mir

Was ist für Dich das vollkommene irdische Glück?                                                       Wenn Geist und Körper eine Einheit bilden